The state-of-the-art in handwash technology

When space is at a premium, and energy-efficiency is a priority, this modular, touch-free, behind-mirror handwash system from Dolphin has got all the answers - quick to install, easy to replenish, and a pleasure to use.


Alavo in focus

Designed with input from architects, designers and clients, Alavo uses the latest technology - including infra-red sensor taps, foam soap systems and high-speed low energy dryers - to save time, water, energy, soap, space and money. As an all-encompassing unit, Alavo leaves no mess on the floor and designers are free to add their own touches in the space it saves.

With everything fully integrated, Alavo's radical "plug and play" design also minimises time spent on installation: it's a natural fit in any modern washroom. And exceptionally easy to maintain and service, too.

Alavo Products

1. Alavo Single System (Supaloo System)

alavo SA-1000x950mm

2. Alavo Double Washstation System

alavo A60.1200.60TSD(A)

3. Alavo Triple Washstation System

alavo A60.1800.60TSD(A)